Back in 1894, Simon T. Budd began a direct delivery milk service from his family farm in Miffinville, OH. After the first day of sales, he sold 10 quarts for 60 cents. Moving into 1906, Simon Budd moved the business to a new plant, increasing production and delivery to 60 gallons a day. Following this, William H. Budd bought out his father’s company and renamed it to “Budd Dairy Company.”


In 1914, Budd Dairy Company had come to be the only sanitary refrigerated milk wagon in the US. With the demand for more, they moved into the Budd Dairy building, on December 17, 1916 and were named “Americas finest milk bottling plant.” With the most modern features of a milk processing plant, they became very well known for their product and work ethic.


After years of continuing production, in 1925 sales increased to 3,000 gallons a day with 40 wagons for delivery, while production increased to 9,000 gallons a day.

For 31 years, Budd Dairy Company never closed or went without service for any reason. Here at Project X, we place the same priority with our clients and the work we do.

In 1928, William H. Budd sold the company to Hamilton Milk Co.. The last shipment of milk that was processed, in the building we have planted our roots in, was in 1967.


Project X's collaboration with Budd Dairy is something to be celebrated and protected. Budd Dairy has a unique history that we hope to preserve, while applying our own modern taste. Throughout the branding of our space, Budd Dairy's rustic and industrial ties, as well as Project X's roots on the ranch, become prevalent.