Prevention through Proper Planning. We want to assure that all projects can stay on the positive side of cashflow with a solid plan. Once the plan is set, our teams work to come up with a resolution that satisfies all parties of the Project Team.


Our team takes a logical approach to issues in construction. Emotions can run high, which is why it is important to perform a mathematical evaluation first.


Every project will fail without a plan. It is important to put the management plan on paper. Our team uses our consistent plan tracking as well as the best project management software in the industry to keep the team productive. Have the plan on paper and tracked keeps everyone accountable.


The first step in resolution is to stop the bleeding. Our team will help the Project Teams come to a consensus on the necessary left and right limits that should be set. We then work closely to assure skills and mindsets are corrected.


While some are against finding out where the issue exists, we approach the data for what it is. We target reasoning and faults, evaluate where those went wrong, and then foster the healing process on the team to move forward. The blame turns to lessons learned and the team sits upright.


The team follows up with measurable goals with the Project Team. The math is run on a consistent basis, and that math is used to assure that the team lands on target. Quality of the correction is checked on a reliable schedule to assure knowledge has been set in stone.


We take these project-level issues and turn them in to teachable moments for the entire organization. With the lessons being centric to the process, these are built in to an organizational leadership plan to correct these issues throughout the entire portfolio.