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The Pivot Program is designed to bring the skillset and professionalism of our Active Duty military members to the construction world. We believe in developing and driving these members to respectable positions with some of the largest employers in the Mid-West.


The Pivot Program aims to bridge the gap between the generation leaving the construction industry and the future. We aim to bring the best and most disciplined minds to the workforce in order to accelerate growth and transition between generations.


During this stage, our team is working with the Commands from Military Bases around the country and world to find the brightest minds and those geared towards a different level of success upon exiting the military.


Each career pathway has different requirements for certification, but our Pivot Program Members are typically from an Engineering MOS in any of the branches of the military, Active Duty and Reserve. The Pivot Program members must qualify for an Honorable Discharge and must be approved by both the Department of Defense and their Chain of Command in order to participate.


Each Pivot Program Members will be certified through our 5-Phase process in order to be fully deployed as a Pivot Team Member to the industry. The process is designed to prepare the Military Member for their best transition out of the military and in to the commercial industry.


During this phase our members come out of the military with full-approval from their Chain of Commands up to 180 days before their End of Active Service Date (EAS). In this phase we transition the member into the civilian world through a series of connections to the Veteran's Administration, walking them through career planning, life planning, and connecting them to the Columbus, OH community. This phase prepares them for the things they may not be aware of in the transition out of the military. 


During this phase, our team engages the Pivot Program Member through PxUniversity and in-person instruction on preparation for the development of our Career Pathways. Through this phase they will be put through a model of instruction that includes interactive discussion, technical application, problem solving, and a real-world Cornerstone Project to prove the development of the skillset.


During this phase, our Pivot Program Members are placed with a number of our Partner-Companies in order to gain on-the-job experience. Their experience is real-world on projects with budgets upwards of $1B in size. We pair the Pivot Program Members with our Trade Advisors and Sr. Project Managers to help guide and check their work. Each week the members are required to summarize their experience and round-table with Leadership to gain appreciation for their role in the industry. 


This phase is the final transition for the certification part of the program. Through this phase Pivot Program Members will be tasked to put together a Master Life Plan that they will be able to enter in to the workforce with, as well as solidify and conclude their Capstone Project for Certification.


After completion of the certification, the Pivot Program Members will be transitioned in to the work-world through one of several avenues. They can be placed with a company of their choice, or stay on with Project X and continue to work hard at building the Veteran and Construction Industries from the ground up.


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