We aim to work to resolve the massive labor issue facing the construction industry. Through our program, we strive to staff a technically proficient building team that serves your building goals.


Total Number Of Team Members.

**and growing


Our Building Teams are structured to be led with the most experienced team members that buy in to our culture and way of doing things. We enable our leaders to make decisions and equip them to make the quickest and most-informed decision they possibly can.


Our Foreman and women serve as our Non-Commissioned Officers in the field. They are responsible for training, developing, and driving the work in the field. They also drive our quality standards and coach members to deliver on those promises.


The General Trades members work as a team to become skilled at multiple trades, driving a coordinated effort in the field that is unmatched. We cross-train these teammates to install, identify improvements, and drive the project to closure throughout the industry.


We work to drive coordinated installation in Rough and Fine Carpentry. We drive our vision of doing the work right the first time and staffed our teams with the carpenters the industry needs to trust a quality product will turn out.


We took the hardest trade to staff and coordinated a nationwide team of people who work hard every day to deliver quality wall finishes for all markets. We work to strengthen this skillset on every site and don't leave a product we wouldn't be proud of.


We work to extend our Drywall product with a team of painters that can assure that we deliver on our quality promise. Through the hard work and dedication to a good product, we can assure that the skin the project carries for life is just as good as the bones underneath.


We built a team of people who are dedicated to assuring the right finishes make it to your building to assure your dreams are achieved. We check and triple check the installation to improve your experience and reduce the need for corrections later on.


We have built a network of qualified electricians that can solve the large gap in sourcing this trade. We work with multiple companies around the mid-west to bring the skilled teams that can assure your electrical needs are met.


Materials can get out of hand quickly on the site. Through our material management and control program, we set the plan on material management before the project starts and assure that the team follows the plan. Through making these plans available, the team can properly plan and deliver materials without a hitch.


The team can work with your Project Team to leverage the proper skillsets needed to establish a clear Site-Logistics Plan for everything from where the toilets go, to lunch tents, material queues, traffic patterns, crane plans, and may other items that often get missed.


Our teams know that turnover is the greatest moment of the build. Our team of cleaners are trained with military precision on cleaning and prepping your projects for the most efficient turnover. You want a building ready to use, we can get you there quicker.